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This page is dedicated to virtual presence and web awareness.

The Web is a Virtual Space

There are millions of users, browsing the same pages at the same time.

Virtual presence makes people visible on Web pages.
Virtual presence enables ubiquitous communication.
Virtual presence shows the real life.

A Web of Virtual Places

The Web is not just a collection of linked documents. The Web is a virtual space of millions of virtual places. Each Web site is a virtual place. When we surf the Web, we use the location metaphor and much less the document metaphor. We go to a Web site rather than opening a hypertext document. While we are there at a virtual location, there are other people present at the same location at the same time. They are also jumping from page to page, and reading the same content.

Mutual Awareness

Virtual presence shows people who are at the same Web site at the same time. Once they see each other, they can communicate by chat, voice and video. Virtual presence is an enabling concept for synchronous interaction on the Web. In the real world we are used to see people wherever we go. We see them on the street, in shops, and in public spaces. We usually ignore people and just pass by. But sometimes we communicate, e.g. if we meet a friend. In shops we ask the sales person and occasionally we even talk to strangers about a common topic.


Virtual presence transfers the behavior from the real world to the virtual space. It enables communication. In shops where a sales person can talk to customers. On home pages and blogs where authors can meet their readers. On community sites where members can see avatars of other members. People can meet each other by chance on any page. Distributed workgroups meet at groupware pages, virtual classrooms on the lecture page.


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