About Cobrow - Collaborative Browsing
CoBrow is an EU-project with the aim to
encourage and enhance communication and
collaboration across the WWW.

Mail to info@cobrow.com

The project is a partnership among the University of Ulm, the Lancaster University, and the Swiss Federal Institut of Technology in Zurich (ETH). It is funded in parts by the European Community under the Telematics Applications Program and the Swiss Federal Office of Science and Education.

Software and services have been developed by:
Rainer Birkenmaier (Webvideo)
Holger Boenisch (WebMedia, Cofi, etc)
Axel Busch (UI)
Heiner Erne (Vici, Cofi)
Stefan Fiedler (VRML UI)
Konrad Froitzheim (Project Manager)
Philip Hiller (Cofi)
Jürgen Nagler (PoWeR, BSCW)
Michael Merz (UI)
Stefan Schmid (Webaudio, Thumbnail)
Heiner Wolf (Vici, etc.)
Special thanks to Prof. Peter Schulthess.

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