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Virtual Shopping
Cobrow improves the experience of users of virtual stores. Customers see each other, and they can talk to each other. Sales persons notice customers entering a virtual store. They can talk directly to the customers while they are there. They do not have to wait for customers to reply via email or HTML-forms based feedback. See the Showcase Web site.

Replacement for Chat Rooms
Cobrow makes any page a chat room. It renders dedicated chat pages, chat rooms, and chat tools superfluous. Users are able to talk to each other on any page. Users are made visible to each other on any page. The visible area can span multiple web sites.

Cobrow is an enhancement for asynchronous computer supported collaborative work based on Web interfaces. Cobrow augments Web based CSCW services with direct visibility and synchronous communication. Users of asynchronous CSCW see other users online. The CSCW service is turned into a living virtual work space

Chance Meetings on the Web
Cobrow is useful on every Web page, on every Web site. It makes people aware of others browsing the same pages. People bump into each other on a Cobrow enabled web site like they do in the real world: street corners, shops, stores, cafes, etc. Users (e.g. authors of scientific publications) can be virtually present on certain pages permanently. People browsing by will notice them and will be able to talk to them.

User Tracking
The user tracking component is useful for browser tracking even without a neighborhood display for the user. Web site operators can watch people moving from page to page in a 3d site viewer.