Cobrow Makes People on the Web Visible

Many Web users are browsing the same pages at the same time, but they can not see each other. Browsing the Web is like shopping downtown without people in the street. There are not even sales persons in the virtual shops and department stores. Actually there are many people moving from page to page and robots collecting information. The Web is vivid. It just seems to be lifeless and static.

Cobrow makes the other people visible. It shows the icons and names of those in the vicinity. Like in the real world people can see each other and talk with each other in every place, on every Web page. Cobrow is the equivalent of night-vision goggles. It makes people on Web pages visible. Customers of cyber stores become visible to the sales person. Sales can talk to them while they are really there. Readers of online papers see each other and communicate without dedicated chat rooms. People meet on Web pages just like they do in the real world. It is time to see the people on the Web.

Cobrow extends Web servers. The software is added to existing Web sites. The document database remains untouched. Cobrow does not require software installation at clients. The server software is available for Windows NT, Windows 95 and Unix.

The Cobrow Consortium consists of three European Universities: Ulm University (DE), Lancaster University (GB), and the ETH Zurich (CH).

Please visit and our showcase Web site at, or contact Cobrow is at CeBIT/Hannover 19.-25.03.98 Hall 22 Stand B 25 - See you on the Web.