You are not alone on the Web
There are other people...
...browsing the same pages.
Cobrow makes them visible...
...the display shows their icon and position.
You can talk to them...
...with the built-in chat or any external internet phone.
Works with...
...any web site.
...Netscape and MSIE 3.0 or higher or any other Java compatible WWW browser.


Cobrow makes you aware of others browsing the same page or pages in your vicinity. No more dedicated forums and chat rooms. The WWW is turned into a virtual space where people meet on WWW pages.
Hardware requirements
PC: Pentium class 133Mhz / 32Mb
Sun: SS10 / 64 Mb
Server software platforms
Windows NT 4.0
SunOS / Solaris 2.x
Linux 2.x

Each web page is a place in the virtual space. People are moving through the virtual space while they are browsing the WWW. Many people are browsing the same pages at the same time, but they do not take notice of each other. They cannot even see each other.

Cobrow improves the experience of users of online newspapers, virtual stores and many other types of websites. Customers can talk to each other. Sales persons notice customers entering a virtual store. Content providers get really close to their customers.

A text based chat is already integrated. Internet telephony can easily be invoked by a simple click on a person's icon.

Cobrow extends WWW servers. It can be installed on top of existing web sites. The document database remains untouched. Cobrow does not require software installation at clients.