The Product: Vicinity Service

mtd_1_bahnhof.jpg (16132 Byte)Cobrow finds other persons browsing the same page or pages in your vicinity. It transforms the web into a virtual space where people meet on web pages. No more dedicated forums and chat rooms. You can meet on every page.

Many web users are browsing the same pages at the same time, however they do not notice each other. Not because they ignore the others, but because they cannot see anybody. Cobrow makes the other users visible, it shows the icons and names of those in the vicinity.

Cobrow's impact is an improved user experience of online newspapers, virtual stores and many other types of websites. Customers will talk to each other. Sales persons will notice customers entering the virtual store. Content providers will get really close to their customers.

A text based chat is already integrated. Internet telephony can be started by a simple click on the other person's icon.

Cobrow extends WWW servers. The software is added to existing web sites. The document database remains untouched. Cobrow does not require software installation at clients.

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