Creating a Web of Worlds


Cory Ondrejk, coFounder and exCTO of Linden Lab tested Metaplace and comments:

"At heart, Metaplace is a lightweight protocol for lightweight communication through the Web, and one of the ways that he sees designers using Metaplace is as a way of letting users experience each other's presence online. Anything that causes the two of us to know we're both on the Web together makes the Web a better place. A big part of what makes interaction in virtual worlds so compelling compared to the Web is the fact that we both know we're there. It isn't the same as leaving bread crumbs on a blog to show that you were there."

This, sounds very much like virtual presence. What Areae announced was a Web of Worlds. Maybe what they are really doing is Worlds on the Web. We will see.

Creating a Web of Worlds
Cory Ondrejka

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