Ogoglio just came to my attention. It is an open project which aims to put together a world of interconnected (3d) spaces with web technologies.

The web site provides general remarks and statements and not very much detail. Well, the project seems to be driven by few people and they have probably more to do than updating the web site. There is a Sourceforge account and there seems to be SVM activity. Sourceforge says a bit more about what the Ogoglio project does. There are few screenshots and documentation. Most interesting is this concept right.

Ogoglio is a project, not a product. It is under Apache License V2.0 and seems to be driven by a company called Transmutable.

This seems to be the time for virtual spaces which integrate with the Web and which are built on web technologies. The concept is very close to what Media Machines is doing and Metaplace.

Some dates:
The domain has been registred registered: 2006-05-21. Sourceforge started December 2006. Sourceforge attention starts May 2007. There was SVN activity in all 2007, but it shows a recent increase since July.


(Source: Ogoglio project)

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