PMOG is a Firefox/Flock extension which lets you play an MMOG on the Web. Web pages are treated as virtual places. You can put items, like mines, treasure chests, watch dogs on web pages. Other people will find them. You can create quests for other people, do your own quests, earn virtual currency, and level up.

The hot news is, that PMOG just added chat to the game application. The chat is a separate window. There are no avatars on the page, yet. But anywhere you go (on the Web) you can join the PMOG chat channel of the page. PMOG uses IRC. A good choice, because IRC is a very mature chat system. Proven server software, lots of clients, simple protocol, and thanks to years of attacks on IRC networks very stable and evolved.

The chat channel name seems to be derived from the web server domain name omitting "www". But i's not just the second level of the DNS name. PMOG can also cope with SLDs. So, there is a bit more sophistication behind than just the server name. The effective mapping is very similar to the default URL mapping with the exception, that rooms are of course IRC rooms.


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