WebWars: EVE


John Galt Games announces a new browser game called WebWars: EVE. It's a browser based war game that focuses on conquering and controlling web territories, i.e. web sites.

The game is free to play but gamers can buy WebWars money (isk) for faster enhancements. A business model already established in many browser games and east asian MMORPGs.

The game is not connected with CCP's EVE Online. It uses the same background story, the same name for the in-game money, but you won't be able to convert money or items between WebWars and EVE Online. It seems to be the first licensed use of the EVE IP following a EVE Online card game by CCP that also built on the same IP.

The interesting point in the virtual presence sense is, that every website on the internet is a valid territory. They treat web sites as spaces, that can be visited, conquered, and owned. The value of a web site is based on it's real world visits. The game uses a browser plug-in to track your navigation and enable the game play on the pages you visit with your fleet.


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