Weblin is back (again)


Re-re-launched weblin in order to alleviate the corona crisis induced "stayathome" pains. If you want to meet people but you are not allowed to go outside, then use weblin to meet people on the web. You are using the web anyway. You are there. Other people are there. Take weblin and meet them. They are reading the same as you are. They are watching the same youtube videos. See them, meet them, make new friends wherever you go.

Now for all browsers.

If you are an author and you had to cancel your book reading tour: invite your readers to a youtube-lifestream with weblins.

If you have a regular table and that's just not possible right now: meet on a web page and feel the community.

If your business is trade shows and they have beend canceled like all the other big events: online fair with weblins and live streams is your thing. Real sales people meet real visitors on your content. Better than simple chat, easier than VR. Weblin is as close as you can get to real trade shows online.


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