Weblin.lite is the small sister of weblin. It is Javascript only, works in IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari. Weblin.lite shows people on a web page as avatars.

Weblin.lite is a full Jabber/XMPP client implemented in Javascript. It uses http-bind to communicate with a XMPP server, which means, that the protocol is XMPP encapsulated in HTTP. Weblin.lite is compatible with weblin since it uses XMPP, the same location mapping, and the same user data. Both weblin and weblin.lite users see each other on the same web page.

Weblin.lite is my 5th prefix-your-URL-and-get-an-IFRAME system on the list. Though, with animated avatars and speech balloons instead of a chat window.

VPTN-2: Location mapping
VPTN-3: User data

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